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Fast Acting Energy Boost Without the Crash…And an Instagram Contest!

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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of NeuEnergy. All opinions are 100% mine.

A Boost of Energy Without the Crash...And an Instagram Contest! |

Do you ever just feel that by the afternoon, your energy is just zapped? I can honestly say that most days I need a little pick me up in the afternoon. Whether that's something with caffeine to wake me up, or an afternoon nap, it's hard to make it through the day without a little help.

Unfortunately most products out there claiming to “wake you up” and “give you more energy” are full of really unhealthy ingredients. While these products might give you a quick energy boost, you'll find yourself experiencing a pretty drastic crash just a little while later.

What to do?

So what can you do about this?

I just recently heard of a new product that I am super excited to try!

NeuEnergy is a chewable tablet that has been clinically tested to to boost your energy and focus more than just caffeine alone. It is a combination of caffeine and Pterostilbene from blueberries. (Learn a little more about Pterostilbene here.)

A Boost of Energy Without the Crash...And an Instagram Contest! |

NeuEnergy contains:

  • No Calories
  • No Sugar
  • No Crash (super excited about this!)

Why I'm most excited to try this:

  • NeuEnergy has half the caffeine of an energy drink but with the same results.
  • The package is super convenient to toss in your purse or even pocket.
  • The tabs dissolve quickly without the need for water.
  • I would love to get my husband off of energy drinks. 🙂

Where Can Your Get NeuEnergy?

If you're itching to try this for yourself, NeuEnergy can be purchased at:

  • Meijer Supermarkets (in Sports Nutrition section of the Pharmacy)
  • Amazon
  • NeuEnergy

And keep reading to find out how you can enter to win some amazing prizes from NeuEnergy!

My Experience with NeuEnergy:

Well, that is something that you are going to have to wait just a little while longer for. 🙂 I will be sharing my personal experience with NeuEnergy in my next post and let you know what my husband thinks as well. As a firefighter, it can be pretty exhausting, so I'm excited to let you know his experience as well!

NeuEnergy Instagram Selfie Contest:

NeuEnergy is running an amazing Instagram Contest with prize packs that include:

  • Bose Headphones
  • Fit Bits
  • Disney World Trip (Grand Prize)
  • Cabo San Lucas or (Grand Prize)
  • How to Enter:

It's super easy to enter! Just post a Selfie on Instagram of you with the NeuEnergy Stick Container and mention GetNeuEnergy and #GetNeuEnergy #Contest in your post. Here's mine:

A Boost of Energy Without the Crash...And an Instagram Contest! |

Winners will be chosen bi-weekly.

Contest Dates: January 19 – March 16.

Contest details and rules

I can't wait to share my NeuEnergy experience with you in my next post so keep your eyes out for that one!


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