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18 DIY Lavender Soap Recipes Simple & Easy To Create

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If you're on the lookout for amazing DIY Lavender Soap recipes, you've arrived at the right place. Not only are these 18 awesome and different homemade soap recipes waiting for you to explore, but each and every one is created with the wonderful scent of lavender. Seriously, have you ever truly smelled the stuff?!

Lavender smells like Spring, fresh air and blooming flowers. It's like a mixture of the perfect combination of all smells that just make you want to smile. Sounds amazing, right? Trust me…it is.

Why use homemade lavender soaps?

These lavender soap recipes are homemade and simple to do! You'll love the ease of these DIY soap recipes! #lavender #homemade #DIY #soap

You guys know that I love anything and every natural and chemical-free. I'm a huge fan of DIY and creating a lot of my own soaps, foods, lotions…you name it.

The reason? Because I love my skin, myself and my family and I want to make certain that I'm doing everything that I can do put all natural ingredients on our bodies at all times.

Do you know how many chemicals there are on over-the-counter soaps that you buy at the store?

Chemicals to avoid found in soaps

All soaps and their ingredients are different, but some soaps have ingredients in them that are a must to avoid. 

If you see a soap with an active ingredient of triclosan, this is one that needs to put up a red flag immediately. Triclosan has been shown to cause issues with hormone levels, and when using that ingredient while cleaning your body with soap, that's one that is definitely worth staying away from! 

Another common chemical found in certain types of soap is formaldehyde which is another one that has shown tendencies of possibly compromising the bodies health as well.

Benefits of DIY Lavender Soap

As with anything that you make yourself, you control everything that goes into your homemade soap. You know all the ingredients, you can pronounce and understand each and every one of them.

That's so important!

natural lavender soap using essential oil

Plus, creating with your hands items that you can use in your home is really, really fun! 

While these lavender soap recipes are perfect for your own home, keep in mind that they are great to give as gifts as well!

People go crazy over homemade items and DIY soap is one of those items for sure. Christmas gifts, birthday presents or just “thinking about you” gifts are always perfect for giving homemade items! 

18 DIY Lavender Soap Recipes Simple & Easy To Create

These simple DIY lavender soap recipes will give you and your family something to truly smile about. Plus, they smell amazing as well!

18 Amazing Homemade Lavender Soap Recipes

These homemade lavender soap recipes are simple and easy to do!

Have you ever made your own soap before? I'd love to hear if you have a favorite homemade soap recipe! 

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