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How to Make Healthy Homemade Frozen Pudding Pops

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Want a healthier, good for you version of an all time favorite past-time? Then you're going to love these Healthy Homemade Frozen Pudding Pops!
This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Detox Organics. All opinions are 100% mine.

Please tell me I am not the only one who LOVED Pudding Pops when I was a kid…

Do you remember them?

My grandma would always, without fail, have them in her freezer when we would visit. So that would be our special treat when we would go to Grandma's house.

Well, one of them anyway. She is the most amazing cook and baker so there was always some kind of yummy goodness around.

But, whatever happened to jello pudding pops anyway?

They were super popular when we were younger, but now, they aren't even really a “thing” at all. Have we moved on as a society to bigger and better snacks?

How to Make Healthy Homemade Frozen Pudding Pops #ad #sugarfree #dessertrecipes #popsicles #healthysnacks #superfood

What happened to Jello Pudding Pops?

No really…I want to know.

How does something so popular just fall off the face of the earth?

Their first year of marketing the pudding pops, they were actually quite popular. This was in the 70's where Bill Cosby helped to coin the term “Puddin' Pops”, making them a household staple and name.

Due to lack of profit, they were discontinued entirely in the 90's. After several years of being gone from the market, Popsicle company did their best to try to bring them back….but no luck.

The jello pudding pops ran their course of popularity and were no longer a choice for taste buds around the world.

Looking back, I can't say that I ever even knew the ingredients of what was in those pudding pops. But I am pretty sure they weren't the healthiest option.

My Mission: Create a Healthy Homemade Pudding Pop Recipe

How to Make Healthy Homemade Pudding Pops

So I visited my favorite place, Pinterest to see what I could find.

Unfortunately, I wanted a healthier option and the recipes I found, were either full of sugar or used artificial sweeteners.

Sugar-Free Desserts: What does that mean exactly?

How to Make Healthy Homemade Frozen Pudding Pops #sugarfree #dessertrecipes #popsicles #healthysnacks #superfood

Let's talk briefly about sugar-free desserts. So many people have the thought that just because an item states it's sugar-free, it means it's healthy and okay to eat more of due to the “lack” of sugar.

When a label on a dessert mentions the words “sugar-free”, do your research.

While it may technically be free of sugar, more than likely that sugar has actually just been replaced with some form of chemically made sweetener that is not natural for your body.

So, when you are consuming something that is sugar-free, in all reality, you're potentially consuming something that your body may have a hard time breaking down as well.

If at all possible, do your best to avoid those desserts that are labeled as “sugar-free”, unless it is a healthy, natural sweetener like Stevia.

Consider me anti sugar-free if you will, and I'm totally fine with that.

I choose not to use artificial sweeteners for my family because the side effects are awful although companies claim they are safe…

What Is a Healthier Alternative that Still Tastes Good?

How to Make Healthy Homemade Frozen Pudding Pops #sugarfree #dessertrecipes #popsicles #healthysnacks #superfood

So for this homemade pudding pop recipe, I turned to Detox Organics. Literally EVERY scoop of Detox Organics Chocolate Superfood powder that I use is 100% USDA Organic Certified and loaded with energy support, digestive support, and cleansing.

Now that's a “Puddin Pop” that packs a Healthy Punch!


You can purchase Detox Organics by visiting their website here.

When you use the Coupon Code: SIMPLEPURE you will SAVE 15% off of your complete order!

They do have a hard time keeping this in stock, so I wouldn't wait!

All right then, let's get to this delicious recipe!

How to make Healthy Homemade Frozen Pudding Pops

How to Make Healthy Homemade Frozen Pudding Pops #sugarfree #dessertrecipes #popsicles #healthysnacks #superfood

How to Make Healthy Homemade Frozen Pudding Pops in Under 5 Minutes #ad #sugarfree #dessertrecipes #popsicles #healthysnacks #superfood

Healthy Homemade Frozen Pudding Pops

Yield: 4 popsicles
Prep Time: 2 minutes
Cook Time: 3 minutes
Additional Time: 4 hours
Total Time: 4 hours 5 minutes

Healthy pudding pops to create childhood memories.



  1. Add all ingredients to a blender or mix with hand mixer
  2. Pour into Popsicle Molds and freeze

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And there you have it…from the beginning, we have been a nation that loves pudding pops. Thankfully, our health and awareness now allows us to find healthier options to continue to create classic favorites for our children to enjoy as a special treat that not only tastes yummy but provides them with a bunch of good nutrients as well!

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