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Chia Seed Oil Benefits for Skin: How to Use + Where to Buy

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Chia Seed Oil is a protective carrier oil that boosts collagen and fights aging. This oil is great for soothing and smoothing skin.

If you’re looking for a moisturizing oil to add to your skincare routine, then keep reading to learn more about Chia Seed Oil!

Chia seed oil benefits for skin

Chia Seed Oil Quick Facts:

Chia Seed Oil Scientific Name:
The scientific name for Chia Seed Oil is Salvia hispanica
Chia Seed Oil Comedogenic Rating:
Chia Seed Oil has a comedogenic rating of 1 meaning it is not likely to clog your pores.
Chia Seed Oil is Extracted from:
Chia Seed Oil is extracted from the seeds of the Chia herb.
Chia Seed Oil INCI:
Salvia Hispanica (Seed) Oil
Chia Seed Oil COSING Number:
Recommended for:
Chia Seed Oil can be used on all skin types.
Chia Seed Oil Absorption Rating:
Chia Seed Oil has an absorption rating of 3, meaning it absorbs at an average rate and leaves a light, satiny finish on skin.

Chia Seed Oil Composition:

Palmitic Acid (C16:0)6.0%
Stearic Acid (C18:1)3.0%
Oleic Acid (C18:1; ⍵-9)5.0%
Linoleic Acid (C18:2; ⍵-6)20.0%
α-Linoleic Acid (C18:3; ⍵-3)65.0%
Phytosterols7,000 to 17,000 mg/kg (β-sitosterol; 2,490 mg/kg)
Waxes108 mg/kg
CarotenoidsΒ-carotene: 1.21 mg/kg
Vitamin E250 mg/kg (γ-tocopherol: 212.5 mg/kg)
*Fatty acid breakdown is shared from Modern Cosmetics Volume 1.
Chia seed oil benefits for skin

What is Chia Seed Oil? 

Chia Seed Oil is a magical little carrier oil that helps repair and protect skin.

It is pressed from the seeds of the Chia herb, this herb has been used for centuries in homeopathic medicine to aid in treating inflammation and illnesses.

It is packed with fatty acids that help support collagen production and soothe skin.

This oil is a great source of vitamins and minerals that support skin’s natural barrier and helps give your skin a natural glow!

Chia Seed Oil Benefits for Skin

Chia seed oil benefits for skin

Chia Seed Oil is a great oil to add to your skincare routine, it can be used on all skin types, this includes skin that is prone to acne or blemishes!

This oil works with your skin’s natural barrier to help it keep functioning well to protect skin from environmental damage and water loss. This also helps firm and tone skin that is prone to premature aging.

Chia seed also may help restore elasticity to aging skin and combats fine lines and wrinkles. It can also help reduce oiliness in skin to help balance your complexion and prevent breakouts. It also helps smooth and soothe irritated, chapped, or damaged skin.

What else can it do? It can help boost skin to give you a fresh, healthy glow!

Popular Chia Seed Oil Uses for Skin

Chia Seed Oil is an excellent oil to use alone or to mix into your very own DIY recipes! Chia Seed Oil can be used in serums, soaps, and moisturizers.

It is a great oil to add to anti-aging products and products that protect the skin from environmental and UV damage.

It can even be used in haircare and helps tame frizz while giving hair a shiny, smooth look!

Chia Seed Oil Substitutes

Chia Seed Oil is a great oil, but every now and then you need an alternative. If you need a substitute for Chia Seed Oil you will want an oil that is protective and that leaves a satiny finish on skin.

Kiwi Seed Oil is a dry oil, it has many of the same benefits as Chia Seed Oil such as protecting skin and reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. If you want to use this as an alternative, be sure that you mix it with thicker oils that don’t absorb as quickly. 

Flaxseed Oil is another wonderful oil that helps keep skin hydrating by repairing skin’s natural barrier. This oil also fights inflammation to help soothe irritated skin.

Warnings/Contraindications for Chia Seed Oil

Chia Seed Oil is generally safe to use, if you are allergic to chia seeds, steer clear of this oil. It is always recommended to perform a patch test prior to applying a new product or ingredient to your face.

Where to Buy Chia Seed Oil

Pin Chia Seed Oil Benefits for Skin

Chia seed oil benefits for skin

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