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Euxyl K 903 Preservative Formulating Guidelines & Safety

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Euxyl K 903 is a mild, liquid preservative that protects against a broad spectrum of bacteria, yeast, and molds. It can be used in a variety of leave in or wash off products including those used in areas that have sensitive skin.

Euxyl K 903 Preservative

Euxyl K 903 Quick Facts

Euxyl K 903 Broad Spectrum Preservative is also Known As:
Optiphen BD and Sharomix 706 (water soluble version)
Euxyl K 903 INCI:
Benzyl Alcohol (and) Benzoic Acid (and) Dehydroacetic Acid (and) Tocopherol
COSMOS and ECOCERT Standards:
Euxyl K 903 meets COSMOS and ECOCERT standards
Euxyl K 903 Ingredients:
Ingredients of Euxyl K 903 are benzyl alcohol, benzoic acid, and dehydroacetic acid
Euxyl K 903 Activity:
Euxyl K 903 is biostatic, meaning that it naturally reduces and controls the growth of organisms; the organic acids in it are also biocidal, which kill unwanted bacterial cells. This makes Euxyl K 903 an excellent broad-spectrum preservative that is effective against bacteria, yeast, and molds.
Is Euxyl K 903 Water Soluble?
Euxyl K 903 has limited water solubility. It is considered oil soluble and generally requires a solubiliser if used in aqueous solutions.
PH Compatibility:
Euxyl K 903 is compatible with pH’s 3 through 6 although its optimum pH is below 5.5.
Recommended Usage Levels:
Euxyl K 903 has a recommended usage level of 0.4-1.2%.

What is Euxyl K 903?

Euxyl K 903 Preservative

Euxyl K 903 is a liquid preservative that offers a broad-spectrum range of protection from gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria as well as yeasts and molds.

It is a generally safe preservative that is relatively gentle and can be used in products intended for use around the eyes or even in products made for babies.

Euxyl K 903 is the perfect preservative where gentleness to the skin is needed.

Is Euxyl K 903 Safe?

Euxyl K 903 is generally regarded as safe. It is gentle on skin and compatible with a wide range of products.

This preservative does contain benzyl alcohol, which is classified as a fragrance allergen. This could be a problem for those with the most sensitive skin.

It is always recommended to perform a patch test on skin when using new products. Be sure only to use Euxyl K 903 in proper amounts.

Is Euxyl K 903 Natural?

Euxyl K 903 is a natural preservative that is made up of organic acids. It is safer than parabens and can be used in natural products.

Euxyl K 903 Uses:

Euxyl K 903 Preservative

Euxyl K 903 can be used in many products such as:

And much more!

How to Use Euxyl K 903 Preservative in Formulations

Euxyl K 903 is oil soluble and is best added to formulations during the cooling phase.

It is most compatible with pH’s 3-6. Efficacy is increased in lower pH formulations between 5.0 and 5.5.

Be sure to test your product pH before adding preservatives to ensure that they work most effectively.

Euxyl K 903 Warnings

Please follow all safety guidelines when working with Euxyl K 903; it is classified as a mild preservative; however, it should be handled with care.

The raw material form can cause skin and eye irritation; be sure to wear appropriate protection when working with this preservative, including eye protection.

Where to Buy Euxyl K 903 Preservative

Other Natural Preservative Options

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Euxyl K 903 Preservative

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