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Abyssinian Oil Benefits for Skin: How to Use, Where to Buy + DIY Recipes

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Abyssinian Oil is an excellent skincare oil and can be used in a variety of ways. It is non-comedogenic and absorbs quickly which makes it great for skincare recipes.

It has excellent moisturizing properties and leaves skin smooth and supple.

This carrier oil is not well known and is one of the best-kept secrets in the skincare world.

Let’s dive into what makes this oil a great choice to use in your skincare routine!

Abyssinian Oil Benefits for Skin

Abyssinian Oil Quick Facts

Abyssinian Oil Scientific Name:
The scientific name for Abyssinian Oil is Crambe Abyssinica
Abyssinian Oil Comedogenic Rating:
The comedogenic rating for Abyssinian Oil is 0, it is non-comedogenic and is not likely to clog pores
Abyssinian Oil is Extracted from:
Abyssinian Oil is extracted from the seeds of the Abyssinian kale plant.
Abyssinian Oil INCI:
Crambe Abyssinicia Seed Oil
Abyssinian Oil COSING Number:
Recommended for:
Abyssinian oil is recommended for all skin types and can be used on everything from dry to oily skin
Abyssinian Oil Absorption:
Abyssinian oil has an absorption rating of 1, meaning it has an extremely fast absorption rate and leaves no oily residue

Abyssinian Oil Composition

Palmitic Acid (C16:0)1%
Oleic Acid  (C18 : 1, ⍵-9 )15%
Arachidic Acid (C20 :0)1%
Linoleic Acid (C18:2 ⍵-6)13%
Gondoic Acid (C20 :1 ⍵-9)2%
Behenic Acid (C22 :0)2%
Erucic Acid (C22 :1 ⍵-9)64%
Nervonic Acid (C24:1 ⍵-9)1%
PhytosterolsB-sitosterol (52% of total phytosterols)
Vitamin E137 mg/kg (mainly α-tocopherol)
*Fatty acid breakdown is shared from Modern Cosmetics Volume 1
Abyssinian Oil Benefits for Skin

What is Abyssinian Oil? 

Abyssinian Oil is the oil that is extracted from an Abyssinian Kale seed. It is classified into a special group of vegetable oils.

Abyssinian Oil is an excellent carrier oil and is often used in cosmetics to help enhance hair’s natural strength while also boosting its manageability. 

Its extremely low comedogenic rating means it won’t leave behind any nasty residue or clog your pores like many other heavier oils.

To make Abyssinian Oil the seed is pressed to extract the oil using a mechanical crushing process. This process helps to ensure that all the oil is extracted safely, without damaging any of its beneficial properties. 

Abyssinian Oil is a versatile oil and is used in many cosmetic products to help moisturize and protect skin, as well as some lip applications. Not only is it good for hair, but its emollient properties mean that it will nourish and moisturize your skin.

Abyssinian Oil Benefits for skin

Making Abyssinian Oil a part of your daily skin care routine can be a must if you are suffering from conditions such as dry or flaky skin.

The high concentration of fatty acids in Abyssinian Oil helps it to spread evenly and efficiently while it deeply hydrates without residue.

It can help form a protective barrier on skin; this helps skin retain moisture especially during the dry, winter months. This oil will add the perfect glow to your skin when it needs a quick pick me up!

Since this oil is non-comedogenic it is an oil that can be used on skin that is acne-prone and oily. It can absorb other oils that are not beneficial to skin that can contribute to breakouts. 

Popular Abyssinian Oil Uses for Skin

Abyssinian Oil Benefits for Skin

Abyssinian Oil can be used to help balance oily skin that suffers from acne and blemishes. This oil is an excellent addition to any skincare routine because of its ease of use.

Since it is non-comedogenic and quickly absorbed, it is a popular ingredient in serums and light creams that are not meant to leave skin greasy. It is a key ingredient in my DIY Shimmer Body Oil Recipe.

Abyssinian Oil is a very versatile oil and is used for things such as DIY make-up recipes, routine moisturizer, and as a cleanser. It has emollient properties as well, meaning it can also draw moisture to the skin. It is also used in natural haircare very often to help dry or damaged hair that suffers from breakage and frizz.

This oil is also often used as an alternative to dimethicone and other synthetic silicones in many skincare and hair care products due to its excellent slip.

Abyssinian Oil Substitutes 

Abyssinian Oil is a wonderful oil but, if you’re looking for substitutions, we have a few in mind!

Argan Oil is a great substitution for Abyssinian Oil, it can be used on skin and in hair. It is hydrating and helps form protective barriers to protect skin from drying out. It is also non-comedogenic so it won’t clog pores. They have similar fatty acid compositions.

Other oils that could be used in place of Abyssinian Oil include Jojoba oil and Baobab oil. They are both non-comedogenic as well and won’t leave skin heavy or greasy.

Warnings/Contraindications for Abyssinian Oil

Abyssinian Oil is generally safe however, it is recommended that prior to applying it to your skin that you do a patch test on another area of skin if you have never used Abyssinian Oil. 

Where to Buy Abyssinian Oil

Abyssinian Oil Skincare Recipes

Now that you've learned all the amazing benefits of Abyssinian Oil, how about some skincare recipes you can try?

Check out all of the Abyssinian oil skincare recipes below!

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Abyssinian Oil Benefits for Skin

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